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The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) states that:

"Inventories are absolutely essential documents that provide a written benchmark, that should be amended, updated and recreated before the beginning of each new tenancy." www.arla.co.uk

Here at Access All Areas, our aim is to deliver a friendly, professional and reliable service; tailored to meet your needs and to complement the services you provide. With over 10 years experience within the property industry and rigorous in-house and APIP training and qualification, you can rest assured we will deliver an accurate unbiased report within 72 hours of inspection (included as standard).

Our aim is to reduce your workload. Upon agent instruction we can liaise directly with the tenant when booking midterms and check outs. Once a date and time has been confirmed, you will be informed via email. Upon completion, reports are emailed to the instructing party.

Digital photographs are included, as standard, with all reports and are a great aid in amicable resolution of deposit disputes.

In the event that any dispute concerning loss or damage to your property is not amicably resolved then the matter will be referred to the Courts and arbitration but it should be noted that any judgement will be on the basis of written documentation – the inventory.

Deposit deductions cannot be made without evidence in the form of written documentation supporting the claims made against the Tenant.

Key benefits of our service include:

  • Inventories and check-in reports booked and carried out together.
  • Check Outs and Midterm Inspections arranged directly with tenants reducing your work load.
  • Qualified clerks who have all completed the APIP training course.
  • Consistency - Small team of clerks, same clerk conducting Check In and Out.
  • Flexibility - bookings carried out during office hours, evenings (within daylight hours for report accuracy) and weekends including bank holidays! (except Christmas)
  • A bespoke online booking system greatly reducing errors, with all instructions automatically allocated unique reference numbers and confirmed via email.
  • We liase directly with the tenant, reducing your work load.
  • Extensive digital images as standard for all inventory bookings.

Price Guide 2013

The table below is to be used as a guide to our prices for a standard property. To book an inventory please contact us on 020 8524 7987/ 07813 890 487 or select Get a Quote or Book an Inventory and an inventory clerk will contact you shortly to discuss your specific needs.

Apartment - single floor Condition Check-In / Out New Inventory Unfurnished New Inventory Furnished Inventory Check Out / Update Quarterly / Mid-term Inspection
Studio £60.00 £105.00 £120.00 £90.00 £30.00
1 Bedroom £65.00 £110.00 £125.00 £95.00 £30.00
2 Bedroom £75.00 £120.00 £135.00 £105.00 £35.00
3 Bedroom £85.00 £130.00 £150.00 £115.00 £35.00
4 Bedroom £95.00 £140.00 £165.00 £125.00 £40.00
5 Bedroom £105.00 £160.00 £180.00 £135.00 £40.00
* Included as standard 1 hallway, 1 reception, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 1 outside space


Condition Check-In / Out New Inventory Unfurnished New Inventory Furnished Inventory Check Out / Update Quarterly / Mid-term Inspection
1 Bedroom £70.00 £125.00 £140.00 £100.00 £30.00
2 Bedroom £80.00 £135.00 £150.00 £110.00 £35.00
3 Bedroom £90.00 £145.00 £165.00 £120.00 £40.00
4 Bedroom £100.00 £155.00 £180.00 £130.00 £45.00
5 Bedroom £110.00 £175.00 £205.00 £140.00 £50.00
6 Bedroom £120.00 £195.00 £225.00 £150.00 £50.00
* Included as standard 1 hallway, 1 staircase & landing, 1 reception, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 outside spaces

* Add £10.00 per additional floor

Additional Charges

Please note

Extra areas not included as standard:

Hallways (1 included as standard), extra bathrooms/toilets (2 included as standard) extra receptions (1 included as standard), extra landings & staircases ( 1 included as standard in house price), sheds, lofts, garages, conservatories, studies, basements, guest WCs, offices, green houses, morning rooms etc are not included as standard.

Extra rooms/areas to be charged at £8.00 per area for unfurnished properties and £10.00 per area for furnished properties.

If when we produce a quote we are not given the correct information regarding the extra areas or the furnishings in a property, Access All Areas reserve the right to amend the quotation and charge the booking accordingly.


All cancellations require a minimum of 8 hours notice; if inadequate notice is given, a cancellation charge of £30.00 will be applied.

Late Attendance

Late attendance will be charged at £10.00 for every 15 minutes after pre-arranged time; up to a maximum of 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the clerk will consider the booking cancelled and a cancellation fee will be applied and the appointment will require re-booking.

Report Discrepancies

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all reports. However, if you feel something has been missed or misrepresented, please email any changes directly to your Inventory Clerk (contact details will be listed on your report). These will be considered and, where appropriate, the report will be amended. Any discrepancies must be brought to the attention of Access All Areas Inventories within 5 working days of receipt of report email; otherwise it is assumed the report is accurate.

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